Tuition and Fees
                  Weekly Full Time Rate   Daily Part Time Rate 
                  $170.00                 $ 40.00                     

Tuition is based on the hours of care and the above rates.  Day care fees are charged on a weekly basis.  You are paying for a space, for a time slot.  If you are bringing your child for only part of the day, you are still charged for the full rate unless a part time slot is available and prior approval for a part time rate is approved.  Prior approval is based on whether a part time space is available. The weekly fee for part-time care will be based on the family's requested days of care per week multiplied by the daily rate. 

Licensing regulations call for strict adherence of child/adult ratios based on age of child and I cannot have overlapping of children.   All childcare hours are contracted (in other words, the same amount of hours each day and days each week). Any hours beyond the contracted hours will be charged at an overtime-hourly rate. You may not change your hours without a contract renewal. Please call me if you know you are going to be late or absent.

What does my payment cover?

Along with quality care, your payment covers:

Healthy Meals and Snacks (Federal USDA guidelines are followed)

All Materials and Supplies - Everything except diapers

Toys, Equipment and Curriculum

Most Field Trips (whether or not field trips are taken depends on the current age range of children in care)

Are Child Care Fees Deductible?

Weekly tuition is deductible.  I will provide you with tax information at year end. 

Do you need help with childcare costs?

Childcare payments can be subsidized by Michigan DHHS if eligibility requirements are met.  Applications can be obtained through,4615,7-140-63533_63534_72609---,00.html.   Please note that parents are responsible for paying remainder of tuition not covered by DHHS.

Additional Fees

Overtime - anytime after contracted hours will be considered overtime and will be rated at $5.00 per hour.

Returned check fee - $35.00

Late payment fee - $10.00/day and childcare is suspended until weekly rate and all fees are paid in full.

Late Fee - If you arrive late picking up your child, you will be charged a late fee of $1.00 for every minute past your contracted time that you are late.  I understand that certain things are out of your control, as your tardiness is out of my control.  I will not charge a late fee for ?acts of God? unless being late becomes a problem.  This policy also applies to early drop off time unless drop off time or pick up time has changed with approval.  Please keep my business card handy so you can call if you are going to be late.  Your phone call is greatly appreciated.  

Contracted days- If your child is absent you are still required to pay.  If I cancel you are not required to pay.

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